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“Critter Comfort” is My Business

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The suites were designed solely for your pets' comfort, large and spacious, for the dog that loves to stretch out or for the family with multiple dogs.

Nine suites fill a large open and airy room.  Each suite has a comfy bed.  Some have an overstuffed chair for sleeping or relaxing.  All are heated and air conditioned.  Individual ceiling fans and lights can be adjusted to a guest's needs.  Painted in Caribbean blue with bright splashes of color, the rooms are festive without disturbing the serene vacation feel.

One and a quarter fenced in acres, gives plenty of room for stretching ones legs.  Each guest may have individual playtime with Sharon, the owner, or group time with other social friends.

We ask that each guest bring their own food so that no upset stomachs take away from the fun.  Dogs on medication are welcome and the medication is given at no extra charge.  Senior pets are welcome.  My oldest guest is 16.

Woofing Camp's owner, Sharon Griswold is a professional dog trainer as well as its host.  She lives in the building adjacent to the suites.  Her guests often end up in the house portion.  An overstuffed chair sits in the suites open area.  In the evening, Auntie Sharon sits here and reads a book to her guests.  Her four legged friends cannot wait to hear the next chapter each night.

Guests are offered different opportunities while enjoying their stay. They may have a leisurely vacation with fun in the sun.  Or their human companion may choose an educational vacation.  This package entails some education along with the fun.  Some of the courses include potty training, walking on a leash, sitting, lying down, coming etc.  Educational vacations can be arranged from one to four weeks, depending on what is desired.

Treats are a daily occurrence and a favorite among the guests.

Book early for your four legged friend's vacation, as the suites fill quickly with many satisfied, repeat clients.

Your dog will beg to come back.  

Critter comfort is my Business


Sharon Griswold is a native New Englander. From the time she could walk, dogs and cats would seek her out.  The love of animals only deepened as she grew older. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Dairy Science. Her career in dog training began soon after graduation.  She was hired by The Seeing Eye in Morristown New Jersey as an apprentice guide dog trainer.


Her job entailed turning untrained dogs into guide dogs and then teaching her visually impaired students how to use their new four legged partner. The basic foundation of training dogs was learned on the job.  A great appreciation and respect for these wonderful  dogs increased Sharon's desire to learn more in order to help people understand them.

From there, she moved back to Connecticut to start a family.  It was here Sharon started her own training business, going to people's homes to help solve problems and offer basic obedience.  This business evolved into the building of a boarding and training facility at her home, which she ran for twenty years.  Throughout her training career, Sharon has attended seminars and read dog behavior and training books to keep abreast of new training techniques. People from five states brought their dogs to The Dog Lady as Sharon was called by all that knew her.  She also trained two of The University of Connecticut's canine mascots, Jonathan X and Jonathan XI.

In 2010, Sharon moved to Texas and began a dog training business of going to people's homes and offering group classes through the adult education program in Kerrville.  The business has evolved into a boarding and training facility in Center Point Texas.

At Woofing Camp Canine Suites dogs are offered a leisure vacation or an educational one, depending on what their human companion wants.  The facility consists of nine suites, seven 8x8 rooms and two 6x6 rooms for the smaller guests.  All are heated and air conditioned. Each has a comfy bed and some have an easy chair for snuggling and snoozing.  Sharon's living space is in the same building and she is in with her guests more than she is in her own house.  An easy chair sits in the main part of the room.  Many a story has been heard by her guests. Dogs have learned that visiting Auntie Sharon is a pretty cool thing to do.